From: dumas patrice (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 14:06:47 CEST


First a great thanks to Michele for this great distribution. I took great
time understanding the setup code (made me forget to work ;-). Just wait
for the postal card, it will come, but when I stop reading mulinux code

Then I have some remarks :
It seems that there are errors in the Modules documentation : path are
said to be in /etc/modules.conf, but they are in /etc/modules.path.
it says to put the object file in the DIR specified in
/etc/modules.path, but I think it's not true, it should be in
DIR/preferred. Note that I could be missing something here.

I also have a little critic, that is I think the message that appears at
the end of runLevel 4 is a bit confusing, because level 5 isn't only about
configuring but also loading the existing configuration. So the second
time I boot, I stopped at this message, thinking my stored configuration
had been totally loaded, but there wasn't the things configured in custom,
and I didn't understood why.


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