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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 16:49:51 CEST

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 02:06:47PM +0200, dumas patrice nicely wrote:
> Then I have some remarks :
> It seems that there are errors in the Modules documentation : path are
> said to be in /etc/modules.conf, but they are in /etc/modules.path.

This is changed a little from various release. Do not trust totally
in readme.html, but check always HELP in muLinux itself.

/etc/modules.path is a list of directory scanned by Setup, searching
for mudules.

Actually, it contains:


The /tmp/modules works as "cache space" for modules, very important
for RAM muLinux: a modules is unpacked ONE times and left in this

/etc/modules.conf (previous name) conflict with a file required my
"modprobe", then I changed name.

> it says to put the object file in the DIR specified in
> /etc/modules.path, but I think it's not true, it should be in
> DIR/preferred. Note that I could be missing something here.

Yes. A documentation error. Actually, Setup search for DIS/preferred
but preferred is a link to 2.0.36. You must create 2.0.36 directory
and put your module in it (this is for *unpacked* module). Anycase,
it is better to put your modules in archive.tbz.

> I also have a little critic, that is I think the message that appears at
> the end of runLevel 4 is a bit confusing, because level 5 isn't only about
> configuring but also loading the existing configuration. So the second
> time I boot, I stopped at this message, thinking my stored configuration
> had been totally loaded, but there wasn't the things configured in custom,
> and I didn't understood why.

The message

     ** Press -ENTER- in next 5 seconds to stop autoconfiguration **

is emitted at the top of runlevel-5. If you stop, system do not load
configuration. Following behaviour depend from kind of muLinux you

ram-muLinux) because no profile is loaded, the system run with FACTORY
defaults, i.e. what I cabled in /setup/cnf for my convenience.

hard-muLinux) illogical behaviour; the system use the last saved /setup/cnf,
because this file are permanent.

I provided the stop, in the case the of blocking profile (name='lock') and
in the case this profile is corrupted or hang the system. Using the
stop you can fix the problem.

On the other hand, the exact point where to put the stop is matter
of discussion, and I haven't solution. If I put it *after* profile loading,
but *first* of activate it, what means really?

You can always load a your profile with "setup -r", and activate it
with "setup -a".


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