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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 15:48:33 CEST

On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 12:18:00PM +0200, dumas patrice nicely wrote:
> I wanted to do this, and so use unpack then pack, but in the
> documentation, it was said that it will crash with the ramdisk
> installation. In this case, is there a way to incorporate my module in
> archive.tbz and have it installed in my setup on floppy disk ? (I should
> read the code, in fact, so if you want to let me answer my question
> myself, it's possible...).

I provide pack/unpack scripts for that. 1) unpack. 2) put you module
in the directory 3) repack. Check in LIST file is updated, now.
This apply to tree/ directory or UMSDOS. Then, rebuild the disk,
checking sizes!

> >
> > On the other hand, the exact point where to put the stop is matter
> > of discussion, and I haven't solution. If I put it *after* profile loading,
> > but *first* of activate it, what means really?
> Well I think you didn't understood my concern (I am not an english
> natural tongue speaker too, as I am french, and I am not always clear !),

Oh, mon ami! J'ai etudie' ta langue depuis 8 ans, mais je ne rappelle pas
aucun mots!

> I understand perfectly why you ask for a confirmation before going through
> the runlevel 5, but the critic was about the message itself. I will
> provide an example of what (in my strict opinion) should be better :
> ******************************************************************
> Press enter in 5 seconds to stop here the configuration and the loading
> of your allready configured custom setup.
> ***************************************************************
> It is true that the other message is smaller and has the same meaning
> because autoconfiguration means the two things, and so it's just a
> proposal, as I was confused last time.

The problems is meaning: the system stop, but loading custom profile
is up to user.
I can add a further message (if it press ENTER), telling the user
about the new possibility to load a own profile. This is a good
solution, in your opinion?

> An other thing is that I think running the syst test before the end of the
> configuration is a little risked, as there is a chance that it crashes,
> before the setup is saved, and before you can switch to another console or
> ^C it.

Totally true. It's better to answer "n" to this setup.

>It happend to me with the test of the printer, it is an ash bug I
> think as it is the result of something like "..." >/dev/lp0 .
> To fix this problem, I think there are two possibilities, one being to put
> an add to the message when it asks whether you want to test the
> hardware, like :
> "message" (risky, you can lose all the work you did before)

Ok. I added that:

I suggest to answer "n" and to do tests using "systest" at the
prompt, because if system hang, you can lose all the work
you did before.

> Oh, I forget, where can I get the source of, for example muless, or other
> nice little programs of mulinux ?

My .c programs are all in sources/ directory, in the mulinux.tgz archive.

Thank you for your suggestions and fixes! Thank to this kind of feedback,
muLinux become a better system.

 au revoir

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