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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 06:10:57 CEST

> > "talassa" is greek mean "sea" or similar. This city is on the sea?
> not really, we're about an hour or so north of the Gulf of Mexico coast.

A half hour's drive to the lighthouse in the marshes, perhaps, but an hour
to get to a nice sandy beach. But an interesting question. One wonders
whether de Soto, or perhaps his priest, so close in time to the classical
revival of the 15th C., had the same thought.

> >From what I know, "Tallahassee" is an Apalachee Indian word which means
> something like "abandoned fields" or "old town". In the 1500s when more
> more Spanish settlers came into North Florida the Apalachee Indians
> left, leaving behind an abandoned village.

My understanding is that the Apalachee, who left temple complexes built of
earthen mounds all over this region, were gone before the conquistadors
arrived. "Old Fields" was what the Indians who were here after them, and
who met de Soto, and later the Spanish settlers, called it. Tallahassee is
in the county (diocese) of Leon, named after Ponce de Leon, who named this
peninsula "Pascua Florida".


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