Re: Size of libc

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 10:57:55 CEST

> > from approximately 1200K in size to approximately 600K.

whow, that is a great job done. Just a year ago, a frind of mine has to
bring linux on a ppc embedded system. He has to use glibc .... and we cry.
Glibc seemed to be planed as a big all you can eat pot of spagetti (pardon to
all italians and pasta fans) .

> Some shell script which combine command as "nm" and "strip", maybe.

nope. If you strip all symbols, can't work any more (this did
dynamic linking!).
> >
> > Is mulinux using glibc at all? What's the difference between glibc and
> libc? Means it gnu-ish?
> >
name style: when a new major-version number is introduced, it is
recommendet to get a new name. So they start calling libc6 as glibc. is VERY incompatible to! The crown is, that they allso
changed in incompatible (and idiotic) way.

> I'm not fully informed, sorry. Maybe glibc1 is libc5 and glibc2 is
> mah! A Zen mistery. Anycase, libc5 in muLinux is
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 432684 Dec 8 1998
> without symbol's stripping.
Oh yes, and this is very tiny! SuSE 5.3 (the last libc.5 system from SuSE)
has a
1.820.369 -


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