Re: muLinux and LinuxJournal

From: dumas patrice (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 13:47:50 CEST

I will add my complaints to yours Michele :
I am now trying to developp on windows. It is awful. Lot of ducumentation
is unavailable or really expensive (although there are some good books
from MS online). There is no scripting language really useful on windows
and well documented (you have to come back to the dos...).
But what I think is the most bad, is that there is very very very little
open source projects (although there are a few free softwares), except for
the gnu ones, and the freedos project. Finding sources on the net is
really, really difficult, and you then you often have to buy a proprietary
compiler !!! Things may change as gnome, kde and gnu are porting there
developpement environnement to windows.

I also agree that there are a lot of flaws in the user world of windows,
as it is unreliable, really hard to configure, unpredictable, and, what
makes me wonder a lot, doing twice the same thing often result in
different results. I forgot a lot of other flaws, and what is even
worse is that it seems that a lot of the problems are intentionally put
there !

But I still think that for people wanting to be taken as mental
defectives, or to be more polite as eternal newbies, windows is still the
better environment (not for long I hope !).


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