MU NEWBIE: EXT2 installation just a curiosity???

From: Stephen McLaughry (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 13:52:37 CEST

I have the following setup: Toshiba laptop 486 with 20M memory and
200M HD. At the moment I have muLinux on a 180M EXT2 partition (with
20M swap partition). However, I've noticed the following sentence in
the README file: "By the way, if you really have a spare partition
sufficiently big, why don't you install a true Linux?"

So, is the 180M partition sufficiently big for a "true Linux"? Also,
what's so "untrue" about muLinux? Are the significant advantages to
running, say, RedHat (which I have on another, larger machine)?

(Perhaps a brief note about my motivation is in order here: my wife
had this old laptop sitting around gathering dust, because we were
given a nice new ThinkPad as a wedding gift. I spend my days writing
banking software in Java, so I thought it would be fun to get my hands
dirty in a more low-level sort of way. Now I'm beginning to think it
would be cool to have my own home network, so I can start writing
cluster-computing applications. So, is muLinux the right choice to
run on the old computer?)

-steve mclaughry

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