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From: winsor (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 19:47:58 CEST

Although it seems redundant:
it might be good to have the muLinux addons and base system available
in a standard .zip format (that is until windowz web browsers come with
a "good" ftp client).
to be unzipped via PK or winzip into the muLinux bz2??? format.
I think your download was corrupted :(


Bob Goodwin wrote:
> How long does it take to install the EXT addon?
> I tried from the floppy and after a while it tells me the disk
> may be corrupted?
> Now running install.bat from HD and I am up the point where it's
> installing EXT and the hard drive has been rattling along for
> almost an hour?
> I hate to hit reset if it's doing what iis intended!
> Wait a new development, now it says it doesn't look like a tar
> archive.
> Skipping to next file.
> Still running.
> Is this normal?
> I just collected the software from this site yesterday, version
> 8r something ...
> A 66 mhz '486 8 megs and 202 meg hd
> Bob Goodwin Durant, Florida
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The more I use Linux, the harder Windows becomes to use. Point and click
software is too restrictive and difficult to do anything productive
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