Re: Installation of muLinux -

From: Bob Goodwin (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 19:45:16 CEST

My download has been done with this Red Hat 5.2 Linux box using
Netscape 4.7.

I then mcopy to c:

Use pcAnywhere from Windows 98 to transfer the files to the '486
and put in "mulinux" directory via serial cable, SLOW! is expanded and Install.bat run. I have tried both
writing to the floppy and installing directly to the DOS
partition. In either case the computer gets lost and the hard
drive runs continuously until I press the reset button.

I did install an earlier version [this is 8r.b.2] with some
success but couldn't get the X11 display to work so decided I'd
erase everything and start over with the latest ...

I can boot from the Boot "start up" floppy and the basic linux
works well. But I can't seem to get the whole mess installed.

bzip2 file? Is that another application I need, something not
already available from RH5.2?

I am lost!

Bob Goodwin

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