Re: mu - Tech - sendmail and bare LF ; diald.conf

From: Thomas Wille (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 13:18:05 CEST

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Michele Andreoli nicely wrote:

> From: Michele Andreoli <>
> Subject: Re: mu - Tech - sendmail and bare LF ; diald.conf
> To:
> Open the file /usr/script/net.lib and locate the function send(), then
> change
> echo -e "$@\r" ->>> echo -e "$@\r\n"
> A unix2dos is already in for the body: see the file, in the
> same directory.
> In this file, try to change "send ." with:
> send ""
> send "."
> Now, the two instructions send \r\n . \r\n.
> Uhmm ... this is a Microsoft mail server?

No; the error-messages came from qmail, a unix-program.
First of all let me say a "mille grazie" to Michele for your quick and
helpful reply. Studying the two mentioned files I learnt much about the

Also thank you to all members of the mailing list for the nice and
tolerant manner of posting. I did not find an RTFM or similar in any of
the about 200 postings I got last week. ;-)
BTW: (is there a man-page or similar of the ash anywhere in the web?)

Following I give some intermediate results of my experiences in altering
the 2 scripts.

originally I found in net.lib in the send-subroutine: echo -e "$@"

I changed it to echo -e "$@\r\n".

I also added a send "" to the - script.

and I got following sendmail.log sequences:

sent [MAIL]
expect [*250*]
-> got [502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)]

but also a:

sendmail: Sending DATA.
sent []
sent [.]
expect [*250*]
-> got [250 ok]

So obviously (please correct me if I am wrong)
The DATA is not so important for accepting the mail, but you have to send
the sequence \r\n.\r\n at the end of a message.

At the oppposite qmail will not accept any \n at the end of the header
lines. Next I will try to add a new command in net.lib:

echo -e "$@\r\n"
echo "sentfoot [$@]" >> $LOGFILE

for writing the foot-lines of the mail-message-protocol

going on testing..................................

I wonder if somebody uses mulinux for sending mails, I did not find any
"X-Mailer: RNA" in my mulinux-folder

so long


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