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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 19:34:59 CEST

On Sat, Apr 08, 2000 at 11:18:05AM +0000, Thomas Wille nicely wrote:
> First of all let me say a "mille grazie" to Michele for your quick and
> helpful reply. Studying the two mentioned files I learnt much about the
> mu-sendmail-processing.

In the files /usr/script/*.pro, you can see the imitations of common
protocol as POP3, SMP3, NNTP. They are simply hack.

> Also thank you to all members of the mailing list for the nice and
> tolerant manner of posting. I did not find an RTFM or similar in any of
> the about 200 postings I got last week. ;-)

This is *not* a Linux newsgroup :-)

> BTW: (is there a man-page or similar of the ash anywhere in the web?)

The syntax allowed is more like bash, with a lot of unresolved bug.
I think, man bash in you Linux does the works.

> Following I give some intermediate results of my experiences in altering
> the 2 scripts.
> originally I found in net.lib in the send-subroutine: echo -e "$@"
> I changed it to echo -e "$@\r\n".

Original was : echo -e "$@\r"

> I also added a send "" to the - script.

Original was:

                # send "." .\r
                # send "quit" quit\r

> and I got following sendmail.log sequences:
> ----------snip-----------------
> sent [MAIL]
> expect [*250*]
> -> got [502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)]
> ---------snip------------------
> but also a:
> ---------snip-----------------
> sendmail: Sending DATA.
> sent []
> sent [.]
> expect [*250*]
> -> got [250 ok]
> ------------snip----------------
> So obviously (please correct me if I am wrong)
> The DATA is not so important for accepting the mail, but you have to send
> the sequence \r\n.\r\n at the end of a message.

The sequence \r\n.\r\n means "a single . on a own row"

> I wonder if somebody uses mulinux for sending mails, I did not find any
> "X-Mailer: RNA" in my mulinux-folder

This a rare event! Electronics Mail advantage is archiviation on your
hard-disk; to fetch/send emails, using scripts on a RAMDISK OS,
on daily-basis is non-sense.

Scripts like "sendmail", "fetchmail", "rpost" etc are emergency tools
for the first floppy. I developed them when muLinux was a *single*
floppy system, as demonstration.


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