From: Renato (renato@jfrj.gov.br)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 15:15:26 CEST

On 07/04/00 at 10:58 Michele Andreoli <m.andreoli@tin.it> wrote:

Is the following a coincidence?

        italiano SETTE
        inglese SEVEN
        gotico SIBUN
        latino SEPTEM
        greco HEPTA
        sancrito SAPTA
        giapponese NANATSU (failure ....)
                        (japanese always break any rule)

(From "Scientific American", without permission)

And also:

portuguese SETE
spanish SIETE
french SEPT
german SIEBEN
dutch ZEVEN

(from Babylon, idem)

It is like all of them learned in the same school.
Is Windows so old?


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