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From: Renato (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 15:16:12 CEST

On 07/04/00 at 13:34 Michele Andreoli wrote:

>On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 10:10:54AM -0300, Renato nicely wrote:
>> Michele:
>> I can send you latter, if you wish.
>The big problem is: I chose to put keymaps in the first floppy,
>the FULL one!
>I putted your, but I can remove in your

All the characters from 0 to 127 in this map are the same as
The difference is that some of the graphic characters from 128 to 255 are used to store accented characters. Maybe some table drawing using lines could be corrupted by accented characters.
I sugest some volunteers that use could test this new map.
I was using because it is the more suitable of the maps furnished with mulinux.
Now I am using the new one and I can use all accented characters except (aoAO composed with ~). In my big Linux this is not a problem.
I wonder if this is a consequence of codepage 850 be diferent from 8859-1. I'm not sure.


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