muLinux on a harddisk

From: Johannes Krausmüller (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 13:36:42 CEST

I've got a little question. Some days ago I read the following:

it expects to run off the floppy (well, off a ramdisk actually)
using a loop file on a DOS Hard disk for swap but I repartitioned and
reformatted the hard disk as EXT2, transferred the contents of the
floppies, did a little editing of inittab etc, ran lilo and that was
it. Because the system is designed to run from a 2mb ramdisk, it finds
the 200 mb disk space (minus the 16mb swap) very roomy indeed and it's
pretty much a full single-workstation Linux ....

This all sounds very good. But how to 'transfer the contents of the floppies' and which 'editing' has to be done.
I hope anybody can help me with this problem.


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