Re: mu SETUP --Network response problem--

From: Christian Mainardi (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 16:14:28 CEST

Yesterday, I installed 7r12 (stable) quitly, but I got problems about
network and I though probably I'm not a network expert 'cause I never
configured a LAN before. So, i tried....
Ok in short, during the net configuration I pushed all need parameters
(retrieved'em from W95 system harware info, such as i/o ports, irq, ip
and so on) inside setup. My ethernet card is a basic 3Com 3c509
Etherlink III family so, I selected it. I left autoprobing work for me
because if I insert 'io=0x280 irq=5' in next step, system outputs errors
like "Symbol 'io' not found", so it set i/o=0x300 and irq=10 .
At the completed setup I tried to test it with a 'ping' command and it
seems run happy but when i try to do a remote login (telnet,telnet2)
system outputs : "No route to host" .
This PC is located in my company/office LAN, with a fucked shit Win95
installed on. I tried to connect from an another UNIX ws to this 'mu'
but it falls in a infinitive-loop finding, a typical "Trying x.x.x.x
with no success. So, where did I fail ? Anyone would help this newbie
;-)) ?

Ho raccolto tutte le info necessarie da W95 riguardo la scheda eth. e le
ho inserite tutte nella fase di networking setup. Per quanto riguarda
l'impostazione di i/o port e irq ho dovuto lasciare il riconoscimento
automatico perche' mi dava "Symbol 'io' not found", cosa ho sbagliato
qui? E' giusto che mi abbia dato un i/o ports e irq diverso da quello
rilevato da W? Informazioni come 'ipmasq' o 'firewall' non li ho
inseriti perche' per il momento non mi importano. Per quale motivo mi da

"No route to host" quando faccio un rlogin? Con un ftp o telnet rimane
"appeso". Cosa ho sbagliato ?


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