Re: mu SETUP --Network response problem--

From: dumas patrice (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 17:46:56 CEST

The problem with telnet should rise because the route information is not
correct. Try
$ route
It gives you the route table. To reach an station out of your company LAN,
it is possible that you have to set the default route to a router of your
company that is connected to other nets. Sometimes the ip address is the
highest address of your LAN.
$route add default gw <ip router adress>
worked for me.
You can look at route result on another station of your LAN to see the
router ip address or ask your system admnistrator.

If I understanded well, you tried to do a telnet from another unix station
to your mu station and this didn't work. This should be because you have
no daemon on your mu waiting for telnet connections.
You could issue a ps -aux or something like that to see what daemons are
running (usually daemon names finish with d).

It is possible that there are other mean to manage those problems on
mulinux, but I am on a real one now, so I can't say.

I am not sure of all I said, but hope it helps.


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