Re: mu SETUP --Network response problem--

From: Christian Mainardi (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 12:46:23 CEST

dumas patrice wrote:

> Hi,
> The problem with telnet should rise because the route information is not
> correct. Try
> $ route
> It gives you the route table. To reach an station out of your company LAN,
> it is possible that you have to set the default route to a router of your
> company that is connected to other nets. Sometimes the ip address is the
> highest address of your LAN.
> $route add default gw <ip router adress>
> worked for me.
> You can look at route result on another station of your LAN to see the
> router ip address or ask your system admnistrator.
> If I understanded well, you tried to do a telnet from another unix station
> to your mu station and this didn't work. This should be because you have
> no daemon on your mu waiting for telnet connections.
> You could issue a ps -aux or something like that to see what daemons are
> running (usually daemon names finish with d).
> It is possible that there are other mean to manage those problems on
> mulinux, but I am on a real one now, so I can't say.
> I am not sure of all I said, but hope it helps.
> Pat
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  First I re-setup networking with blank fields in i/o and irq. System still
maps eth0 in 0x300 with irq=10.
No other positive results again. Daemon inetd is present. Issuing "route"
cmd, system outputs like this:

Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window
Use Iface * U 1500
0 1 eth0
loopback * U
3584 0 3 lo

I tried to insert --> route add default gw so:
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window
Use Iface * U 1500
0 3 eth0
loopback * U
3584 0 4 lo
default * * U
1500 0 1 eth0

Unfortunately my problems still remain...
...Meanwhile, I had spot a strange thing, issuing for absent-mindedness :
telnet <my ip address (!)> therefor a sort of telnet on myself, system output
in a bad way:

yy%yyy yyyy#yy$yuyyyyyyvyyy!
Welcome to localhost (mulinux i586 2.0.36) ttyp1
ile rev 2.01
at "Login:" I typed <<"root">>
at "Password:" system allows me to typing password in no-hidden way ! Anyone
can confirm this?

Christian M.

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