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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 22:43:22 CEST

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 02:06:37PM -0500, nicely wrote:
> I think INFO=prep-umsdos was the line I used ... I guessed that the INFO line was actually calling one of the rc.dosinstallation or rc.prep-something, and it gives you a different boot up screen.
> At some point after cloning from disk, during configuration it asked me for a swap size, which I set to 20meg, and everything unpacked just fine.
> Basically, you need a good BOOT+ROOT+IMG of 7r3 or 8r2 or whatever was done on the 25th or 27th of April, and to change the line that loads the s/w to
> loadlin.exe mulinux initrd=root.gz vga=normal info=prep-umsdos clone the system that is on the disk, and you should be fine. My problem was that I downloaded the new and lost the ability to load MULINUZ straight off the HD, and I didn't document what steps I went through, so I have to "discover" this again... it IS possible.

In the new installer, you have a 1.44 dos floppy, it's true? Go in this
floppy disk from DOS and open the file syslinux.cfg: it look strictly as
loadlin.cfg. The main switch is


which has two main branch: prep-floppy and prep-umsdos. But it is not
possible to change this line in INFO=prep-floppy.

This is managed in /linuxrc, in "case" statement:

case $INFO in
*dosinstall*) # DOS installation
        sleep 2
        . /etc/rc.dosinstall
        # no return
loop*) # loop muLinux

If you wish help me in debugging, put this floppy in the floppy driver
and reboot. Please, download also mulinux-9r0.tgz and put all in the
directory c:\mulinux (for example). Reboot and try to trace exactly
what happen, reporting all to me.


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