Re: OS/2 ?

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 18:31:06 CEST

On Fri, May 05, 2000 at 09:26:22AM -0400, Jeremy Anderson nicely wrote:
> Has anyone managed to build mulinux floppies from OS/2?
> my new contract position has me sitting at an OS/2 box all
> day, and while I have a nice fast connection to the net,
> DOS-based tools (for making copies of the latest mulinux,
> of course) don't work worth a damn under this supposed OS.

Please, open the makefd.bat file: It contains only these rows:

echo off ^M
rem muLinux DOS makefd ^M
rename mul*.tgz mu.tgz^M
tar -xf mu.tgz^M
rawrite.exe -f syslinux.img -d A^M
copy root.gz a:^M
echo Put this floppy in the drive and reboot. ^M

I think you will find easily some OS/2 substitute for "rename", "copy"
"tar" and "rawrite" command.


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