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My guess is that they're talking about the problems of preserving the
original documents.
Currently they're on public view in fancy multi-layer glass cases. If I
remember correctly, the
documents themselves are in a helium-filled glass case, that case is in a
case, and all of that in a controlled-atmosphere case. Or some such
anti-light anti-weather anti-terrorist combination.

> "Preservation of the U.S. Constitution; a Challenge for Metrology and
> Vacuum Technique"
> in the meeting room of the Dinamometric Dept.
> Hoping to meet you at this event, I send you my best wishes
> Signed: ..."
> Maybe the US residents might shed some light about the possible
> connections between the US constitution and vacuum techniques.
> Or maybe an expert on Freud's work might help.
> Have a nice weekend
> -- Sabino

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