[mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v9r2 released

From: Michele Andreoli (m.andreoli@tin.it)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 15:20:31 CEST

Hello everybody,

I upload the archives mulinux-9r2.tgz and EXT.tgz.


1) /etc/syslog.conf. This was missed in all previous releases.
2) a new SCSI setup: removed the old scsi.conf file and added
   a new parameter: the scsi card name.
3) Samba server: /dev/lp* world writable. This fix the problem
   in printing with the script lpr via SMB
4) /bin/setup now can load parameters via on-the-fly files:

                #setup resource -filename

   This feature is used in the new CGI Setup front-end.

5) Added the new server mu-RCP: MuLinux Remote Control Panel. It is
  a CGI front-end to Setup engine. It is an instance of thttpd, running
 on the port 81 and is activated via http://mulinux-ip:81/
  It must be seen!

6) added Java-Telnet: it runs a telnet session in any java-capable
 browser. Unfortunately, fonts are too small and I can't understand

7) new internal home page for thttpd.

8) enhancements in probing functions in Setup: mouse, modem and PCI


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