Re:[mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v9r2 released

From: Jean Buchet (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 22:12:04 CEST

Hi Michele!
I've been using muLinux since version 8rsomething on an old 16Mb RAM, 200Mb hard disk 486DX33 laptop.
Very great job.

I've upgraded to 9r0 recently, and now here comes 9r2!
Is there a way to simply upgrage the system without having to reintall boot/ root and ext floppies, ie some kind of diff for the system?

I've got a little probem with 9r0 too : the mail sytem (rna) doesn't manage to fetch my mail. I'll try to have a look at what is doing underneath the rna tool surface, but any help or advice is welcome.

@+ & have fun!

From: Michele Andreoli <>
Subject: [mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v9r2 released
Date: 28/05/2000 13:20:31
Hello everybody,

I upload the archives mulinux-9r2.tgz and EXT.tgz.


1) /etc/syslog.conf. This was missed in all previous releases. 2) a new SCSI setup: removed the old scsi.conf file and added
   a new parameter: the scsi card name.
3) Samba server: /dev/lp* world writable. This fix the problem
   in printing with the script lpr via SMB
4) /bin/setup now can load parameters via on-the-fly files:

                #setup resource -filename

   This feature is used in the new CGI Setup front-end.

5) Added the new server mu-RCP: MuLinux Remote Control Panel. It is
  a CGI front-end to Setup engine. It is an instance of thttpd, running
 on the port 81 and is activated via http://mulinux-ip:81/
  It must be seen!

6) added Java-Telnet: it runs a telnet session in any java-capable
 browser. Unfortunately, fonts are too small and I can't understand

7) new internal home page for thttpd.

8) enhancements in probing functions in Setup: mouse, modem and PCI


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