Re: [mu TECH] RCP bug / features

From: Jason Short - Emerald Technology, Inc. (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 01:29:01 CEST

>> I really think that the RCP panel makes muLinux much more usefull to people
>> like me. Now the machine does not even have to have a monitor on it 99% of
>> the time. And being http based I can get at it through my firewall at work
>> (no telnet access).
>Have you tried the java-telnet in the browser. Unfortunately, fonts
>are too small.

I just used it now... You could make a button on the RCP to allow the user
to launch the telnet in the browser.

>> The only user interface element that I found a little confusing was the
>> Restart button at the bottom of the resource area. I kept think that would
>> restart the machine, not the service.
>> Maybe changing it to Apply Changes?
>Argh! This is a per-resource button. Apply is better. This "restart" is
>related to library functions in resource: configure(), stop(), store(),

OK, glad that I reported it then.

>> I would also find the following screen very usefull:
>> Resource Summary:
>> -----------------
>> ethernet up
>> pppd up
>> crond down
>> etc...
>Good proposal. A new button, under "Resource":

Yes, that would be very usefull.

>> Show the current status of ppp and allow you to manually start it from the
>> RCP. You could even go so far as to ask for a new phone number (Or a list
>> of numbers).
>These screens are automatically generated exploring the /setup/cnf
>directory: the adm.cgi script do not add any sort of new knowledge.
>Advantage: If I add a new resource, I must not upgrade RCP. It is always
>Disvantage: a button like yours do not apply. I have to put a
>new parameter in Setup/PPP, like : "start now PPP link?"

That would be OK too. Even if just on the ppp config screen there is a
button for start a link now. That is OK too, either way.

>> BUGS:
>> *****
>> diald:
>> ------
>> Attempting to configure diald after applying my changes the test command
>> comes back like this:
>> ifconfig %7C rgrep ppp0
>> I think that the %7C should be the | character.
>Argh! This is my hyper-rustic cgiparse(), with sed. If you run
>an installed MU, edit the file /usr/local/thttpd/murcp/cgi-bin/adm.cgi.

OK, glad to know you know what it is. I will wait until you release a new
file, I do not know sed scripting at all.

>> Save_Profile Button:
>> --------------------
>> I get the following error message:
>> gzip: stdout: broken pipe
>> I have rebooted the machine twice, but I still get the same error.
>mmm ... maybe this happen if no profiles are previous saved. In this
>case this script become interactive and you got the error.
>Please, try to save first with "Setup -s lock"

I have used setup -s jason. I usually use the jason profile to boot. I
did do the lock as well, still got the broken pipe message, but it appeared
to have worked (All commands ran, I just see broken pipe at the end of the

>Fiuu! I'm happy because you do not asked for an authentication
>panel in RCP!

Naw, not so important for me. Although allowing the user to choose the
port (instead of default of 81) would make it better for some security
people. I don't mind, it is sitting behind a firewall already. :)

>Thanks for debug.

No problem. Glad to be able to contribute. Let me know if there are any
areas you want someone to review. I don't mind. I have muLinux running 24
hours a day now testing it for my internal network usage as print server
and ISP dialup for local network. I think it is a very good solution to my

Jason Short
Orlando, Florida

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