Re: Disk on Chip driver

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 09:27:51 CEST

Robert Heezeman wrote:
> However, I ended up not using mulinux because when I try the cloning, it
> wouldn't work unless I had a small DOS partition to boot from, which I don't
> have on the DOC.
> So, do I really need a DOS partition, or did I miss something ?
> Chris.

Yes and No. This seems to become a FAQ ;-)

It depends on how to boot linux. Michele decide for loadlin. I agree
with this.

Loadlin starts linux on top of any DOS-Klone. So there is a need for a
DOS partition to boot. There is no way to run loadlin without DOS!

I recomend you to install mulinx on a single ms-dos partition (umsdos)
and use e.g. caldera DOS or Free-DOS to primary boot.
This has some advantages: The kernel is realy readed from filesystem
and so it is easy to test/swich kernel. A disk-opt is no problem...
Also you can easy test boot-paramters and so on ...

If it it a MUST HAVE to avoid using DOS or umsdos, you need a
bootloader e.g. "lilo" or "chos"

For doing this:
        clone / to disc as you like
        use /dev/null for boot device
        copy the kernel to somewhere you want it to have (you have your own?)
        setup lilo / chos

CAUTION: both are saving the location (sectors) of the kernel-binary on
disc and
         load this sectors via BIOS on boot.

hope this helps.

?? Is there a addon including lilo/chos for mulinux ??


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