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From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 09:33:43 CEST

Alexander Polonsky wrote:
> Hello, Michele!
> > Maybe my opinion is minority, but muLinux is designed as emergency,
> > pedagogical, poket tool. To change kernel and to change libc is not
> > in the plan. When I wish to recompile something, I use a complete
> > Linux installation.
> OK. Let me a little change the question: Could you please tell me, how
> have you reduced the Linux to the size of a 1.72 floppy? How did you
> complied the libraries, binaries and modules, how have you changed the
> startup scripts? If I know how have you done it with kernel 2.0.36 and
> libc5, it'd be much more easy for me to do it with kernel 2.2.14 and
> libc6. Because my goal is to have a small Linux with this kernel and libc
> version. Help me save my time! Maybe you have a special HOWTO for this or
> know where can I find it?
> Thanks in advance
> Alexander.

I think, that this has been a huge job: Michele seek out the smallest
of many distros.

Long ago I have done the work to get a full toolset for compiling on
(vers. 3.x or so), but mulinux is havily grown for this.
You definitly need much more to compile than to run most free software
by its portability. (gcc, make, flex, yacc, perl5 ..... <ecgs>....) more
e.g. perl often has to be in newest version. So this system can not
Out of this, I agree with Michele, that you need a developmet system
from 'normal' mulinux.
On the other side, I personly would like a mulinux based
system. This has the great fortune, that the 'configure' scripts adopt
programms best for mulinux.
But who has the time to do this????? Me not!!
So Up to now, I do the same as Michele. (I am using SuSE 5.3) All I
with this is working well under muLinux and I have it allready working.

TIP: If you need small most recent versions of lib's and kernels, have a
look at the embedded linux sites. They all are trying to strip linux so
fits into such systems. But libc6 remains VERY BIG compared to that
libc5 of
mulinux. May be the better way is libc5?


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