Re: [tech] mc, f2c, gcc: 2 questions

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 11:16:38 CEST

At 18:41 12.06.00 +0200, Michele wrote:
>Sorry, I can't answer: I never tested intensively this
>fortran-to-C translator, other that some little demo. My last
>FORTRAN program was in 1992.
>Thanks anyway for this report: I never got reports about
>translator added in GCC disk.

Basically, it runs like hell if you avoid certain fortran iv habits
(i.e. 'data name/4H /' or 'write (iounit,100)') and, I'm sure,
it will become my most favorite feature.

Different, I've some questions which I believe are rather mulinux
than linux specific:

Installation of 9r3 base and gcc on a 486 (without math co-pro) resulted
in several warnings:

ldconfig: warning: can't open ... vnc/lib, tcltk/lib, X11R6/lib and

Is this something earnest (sorry, I'm pretty unexperienced) ?
I mean, I didn't install vnc, tcl or X11 and don't intend to use
them - so, why these warnings ?

Also, there is a message 'can't load library', although it
exists and it's in path.conf. Unfortunately, it prevents fortran binaries
from running on the 486.

So, does mulinux's gcc require a math co-pro (I know, I've to
load a emu387 emulation under MS-DOS) ?


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