Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] A new EXT.tgz

Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 23:57:46 CEST

In a message dated 6/15/00 3:45:57 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> Apoligizing for confusion newly, I'm also uploading also a new EXT.tgz.
> This, together 9r4 main archive, resolve definitively the problem
> of release mixing and mismatch for RCP.
> There is a probaility that this new is identical to old, I do not know.

So you're not omniscient either, eh? I shall have to find someone else to
worship, I suppose. :)
More seriously, I'd suggest numbering the various addons, EXTr012, EXTr013,
... to help everyone keep versions in order. I'm currently changing their
names by suffixing their download dates when I download them (today's will
become EXT-15jun00), and then removing that suffix before using them. Adding
any suffix permanently as I suggested, however, would require adjustments to
lots of your scripts, and not wanting to volunteer to rewrite them, I now
withdraw the suggestion.


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