Re: COOL! prelim Interbase 4.0G (Linux ed.) + mu

From: Leon Leslie (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 16:49:34 CEST

cool.. and Interesting
Where can I find the interbase setup files..

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  From: Mike Johnson
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  Subject: COOL! prelim Interbase 4.0G (Linux ed.) + mu

  Well.. preliminary results.. it works. I had it in a DOS dir.. and did the following
  It need to be gzipped and untarred.. it came with an install script. I ran that, which asked me where I wanted it, and copied a bunch of files.
  I found the directory, went into it ... interbase/V_4_0G/bin/
  I ran the daemon with a & (background).. but I don't know if that was necessary.
  I ran isql did
  CREATE DATABASE "ibtest.gdb";
  and got my column and my 1 back.

  so for a prelim test YES IB DOES work under Mu. I have NO IDEA is the client stuff works, but I suspect that it would work over a local network just fine with mu as a DB server.

  Anyone want to help me "trim down" IB and maybe create a one or two disk addon? I think some of the stuff that comes with it could be pulled. But it may be mucho complicated.

  Feel free to run with this.

  Mike Johnson

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