using muLinux in a 486 sx (plus some Thinkpad notes)

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 11:13:40 CEST

In fact, it's a pleasure to use mulinux !

Additionally, there are some observations and comments resulting from
installing muLinux in a 486 SX notebook (Thinkpad). However, some of
them may be of general importance:

Please note, that

- you need to install also EXT if you want to run GCC,
  because is in EXT (not in GCC);
- current DOSTOOLS don't install previous muLinux bases (i.e. v6r4);
- current GCC doesn't install with previous muLinux (i.e. v6r4);

An additional observation:

- there is an unusual 70 sec delay between 'bye' in 'TOPICS' and the
  return of the PS1 sign '/#' which didn't exist in versions before
  'Peter Pan';

Specific for IBM Thinkpad (tested in a 340CSE, 12 MB RAM, 340 MB HD)
and v9r4:

A. In file 'loadlin.cfg', the line 'floppy=thinkpad' has to show
   after the line 'ramdisk_size=4600'.

   Uncommenting the last line (#floppy=thinkpad) does _not_ work and
   results in segmetation faults when creating swap space and keymap
   (tested with, 850).

   Further, there are some additional problems resulting from the
   above mentioned segmentation errors:

1. Instead of:
   it shows a directory
   whose files are not recognized, neither in mulinux nor in MS-DOS.

2. You cannot delete c:\linux after segmentation faults, neither by
   'rm -r .../*' nor in MS-DOS (del *.*, erase *.*).
   For clearing you need to first run c:\dos\scandisk.exe, remove
   lost clusters, and delete c:\linux afterwards.
   Then re-install mulinux.

B. A small note for 640x480 screen users:
   In file/-s 'boot.bat' (and in pre-v9* versions additionally in
   install.bat) you may want remove the part 'vga=extended' which
   switches the screen from 24 to 50 lines.


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