Re: using muLinux in a 486 sx (plus some Thinkpad notes)

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 15:24:00 CEST

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 10:13:40AM +0100, Alfred Breull nicely wrote:

> - you need to install also EXT if you want to run GCC,
> because is in EXT (not in GCC);

True. libm5 is rarely used in muLinux, a part from some programs.
GCC requires a own copy of libm5.

> - current DOSTOOLS don't install previous muLinux bases (i.e. v6r4);

Strange but I believe on that.

> - current GCC doesn't install with previous muLinux (i.e. v6r4);

Ultra-strange: addons are simple archives on a floppy disk. Maybe
the *prolog* policy is changed, do not remember. I can only suggest
to use always the last release.

> An additional observation:
> - there is an unusual 70 sec delay between 'bye' in 'TOPICS' and the
> return of the PS1 sign '/#' which didn't exist in versions before
> 'Peter Pan';

Never changed the "help" command, since a while.

> Specific for IBM Thinkpad (tested in a 340CSE, 12 MB RAM, 340 MB HD)
> and v9r4:
> A. In file 'loadlin.cfg', the line 'floppy=thinkpad' has to show
> after the line 'ramdisk_size=4600'.

Changed, thanks.

> 1. Instead of:
> c:\linux\tmp\modules\preferred\net\
> it shows a directory
> c:\linux\tmp\modules\preferre.{__\net\
> whose files are not recognized, neither in mulinux nor in MS-DOS.

If you browse c:\linux from Windows, it is normal: this is how UMSDOS
create filenames.


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