Re: [mu SETUP] / diskette errors

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 22:12:17 CEST

On 20 Jun 2000, at 19:59, A.Parvaresh <> wrote:

> But when clone needs a disk for installation and
> I will insert the disk, it always give me a same error
> on sector 19&20 of my disk.

If I understand the code of '/bin/clone' correctly, (just gave it a quick
skim), then 'clone' NEVER needs to ask for a floppy. Perhaps you mean to say
this happens when you run some other command, and not 'clone'?

With diskette errors, it could be...

1) Your floppy drive could have problems, or not be up to formatting 1.7m
disks. (Unusual. Not fixable by programming.)

2) The disks or disk you formatted might be defective, or damaged after being
successfully formatted. (More likely, but also (usually) not fixable by
programming.) If only a single diskette has errors, try making another, (if
you haven't already), and see if that helps.

Or, a no-diskette solution: If you don't need to have muLinux on floppies,
just install it directly to UMSDOS, tune it as needed, and then clone that.

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