Re: Midnight Commander's invisibility / launching Cooledit

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 22:12:17 CEST

On 20 Jun 2000, at 21:25, jef knoors <> wrote:

> I've got MC working fine but I see no editor. When using vi for a couple of
> months I guess you get used to it.
> But anyway, mcedit isn't on the VNC addon. (Is it?)

Well, Cooledit is built in to 'mc', it's not a seperate program, so it's sort
of hidden. To edit 'foo.txt' from the command line type:

        mc -e foo.txt

To get 'mc's own F4 key to launch Cooledit as the default editor, 'mc' has to
have one of it's config files set just right. The file is
'/usr/vnc/lib/mc/mc.ext', and four lines from the tail-end of it, there should
a line that reads...

1) Edit=%var{EDITOR:mc -e} %f # this launches Cooledit

...or maybe...

2) Edit=%var{EDITOR:vi} %f # this launches 'vi'

(The line numbers and comments aren't in 'mc.ext' though. I just added them
for clarity.)

If the second line, 2), is what's in your 'mc.ext', change it to the first and
try that. If the first line is already there, then you might have the $EDITOR
environmental variable set to 'vi'. This could be changed from the shell to
'mc -e', or perhaps, (not sure about this one), just deleting the 'EDITOR:'
part in line 1), so it reads:

3) Edit=%var{mc -e} %f

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