Re: [mu TECH] Forth interpreter

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 22:13:28 CEST

On 10 Jul 2000, at 20:44, Jean Buchet <> wrote:

> Try ficl (sources at , or pforth, or gforth.
> These are not mu Forths, but they could be of some use.
> ficl compiles and runs well on mu Linux (at least seems to)

Thanks for the tips. The full 'ficl' link is here:

I DL'd '' and read what little there was about it online, but it
wasn't very satisfying. Based only on the information in that file and on the
DDJ site, it's difficult to know what it does. It could be a great program,
but it's hard to tell. Some questions...

1) Is it freeware, leftware, or proprietary? I looked but didn't find any GPL
notices, etc.

2) The main docs for 'ficl' seems to be an article from Dr. Dobb's Journal, for
which they require $5.00 per online reader. Which it is their right to do, but
that doesn't sound like free software.

3) Assuming 'ficl' itself is free despite this inconvenience, how big does it
compile under Linux?

Haven't sought out pforth or gforth so far, maybe later. Thanks again for the
tips though...

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