Re: [mu TECH] Forth interpreter

From: Shawn Williamson (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:28:40 CEST

I assume you've also looked at PFE (Portable Forth
Environment) is only 108k.

Alfie Costa wrote:
> On 10 Jul 2000, at 20:44, Jean Buchet <> wrote:
> > Try ficl (sources at , or pforth, or gforth.
> > These are not mu Forths, but they could be of some use.
> > ficl compiles and runs well on mu Linux (at least seems to)
> Thanks for the tips. The full 'ficl' link is here:
> I DL'd '' and read what little there was about it online, but it
> wasn't very satisfying. Based only on the information in that file and on the
> DDJ site, it's difficult to know what it does. It could be a great program,
> but it's hard to tell. Some questions...
> 1) Is it freeware, leftware, or proprietary? I looked but didn't find any GPL
> notices, etc.
> 2) The main docs for 'ficl' seems to be an article from Dr. Dobb's Journal, for
> which they require $5.00 per online reader. Which it is their right to do, but
> that doesn't sound like free software.
> 3) Assuming 'ficl' itself is free despite this inconvenience, how big does it
> compile under Linux?
> Haven't sought out pforth or gforth so far, maybe later. Thanks again for the
> tips though...
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