Re: [mu SETUP] - X complains... "gpm: not found"

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 11:48:36 CEST


Kasper Engberg wrote:
> Hello..
> I have just "installed" muLinux on my 386 12MB RAM.
> Now I'm trying to get X running - I've cloned mulinux, so it should runs off
> mu HD - I also unpacked X11.
> When I try "X" it says that theres no config file.
> When I try "startx" it asks for mouse, and nomatter if I choose yes/no the
> screen clears 2 times and it says "gpm: not found".

Hmm, sound like you have never run setup -f X11?. Do you?

With X you only start the X-Server. This is not too satisfying ;-)
Allways use startx (extens PATH, start X, fvwm95 and some apps)

> I use a laptop with a pointing Pin...

The notebook mouse substitutes are allmost normal serial mice (ms
compatible) or
more probable, PS/2 mouse comliant, no matter of how they look like.
But I don't know your notebook, so I would just try / or let e.g.
DOS-Driver search for it (scans for most known mice and tells the result

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