Re: Ancient Hardware Problem - swap deficient.

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 12:46:08 CEST

> When I try to boot, I get memory problems(well, duh) and then when I drop
> down to a shell, I get "cannot fork" when attempting to make swap space. I
> can't even ls or fdisk. All I can do is pwd.
> Any advice?

Yes. One trick that has worked for more thasn one person is to cheat:

(1) install mulinux on a computer with more memory and clone it to a
umsdos filesystem (i.e. inside a dos partition).

(2) using your favorite archiving program (tar, pkzip) copy the directory
c:\linux or whatever to the laptop, and use linux.bat to boot from dos.

Easy. See also messages June 28th from Alfi Costa:
"Re: Details about 486 doesn't accept bootdisk / workaround",
and July 5th from Mark Roberts (that's me):
"Cheating mulinux onto 486 with low mem".

Good luck! Mark Roberts

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