Ancient Hardware Problem - swap deficient.

From: Empty (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:02:48 CEST


First off, Michele, congratulations on making a truly elegant and
functional distrubution. I have added it to my Sysadmin Big Box O' Tricks. :)

The problem: I have an old 486 dx100 4m RAM laptop with 125 megs of RAM, no
modem or NIC, and no CD drive. I have been attempting to use muLinux to
fdisk the puppy and put in a rudimentary partition to install a stripped
down version of SuSe.

When I try to boot, I get memory problems(well, duh) and then when I drop
down to a shell, I get "cannot fork" when attempting to make swap space. I
can't even ls or fdisk. All I can do is pwd.

Any advice?


"I do wish people would stop using the phrase 'has issues' when it's
perfectly clear that what they really want to say is 'has cooties'."
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