Re: /etc/rc.5 editing

From: Vesa-Pekka Palmu (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 20:07:45 CEST

> Go in the /setup directory, and create a file called /setup/pekka.
> In this file put a subset of muLinux setup: for example, "network", "port",
> etc.
> Edit now the file /etc/rc.5 and replace
> setup -a custom -> setup -a pekka.
Thanks. This will help me save some battery life when booting up
and shutting down. I have also installed a newly compiled kernel
with all apm goodies. It's a pitty that I can't get my hibernation to
work :( Other than that everything seems fine.

Great work!! Great distro!! Great support!!

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