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From: mek (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 20:07:38 CEST

> i could try to help as i got some holydas starting at next week's beginnig.
> but i don't have that much expirience in tranlating doc's.

thats not very important, experience u will get by doing it;)

> could someone please repost the link to this site? and or suggest wich parts
> could be
> "suitable" for me.

just have a look at the different chapters.
Sven started with "allgemeines" which is avery long chapter.
i started with "bash scripting", because this is a subject where i would like
 some technical stuff, but at this point maybe we should think, if it's really
important to do the WHOLE translation... since it is (like sven already said) a
UNIX-manual with mulinux as base.
i'll have a look to the manual for which chapters do not have priority as being


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