Re: [mu COMERCIAL] What is happening in Hong Kong?

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 21:08:24 CEST

Karl-Heinz Zimmer nicely wrote:
> this is what I found by chance when reading a somewhat
> erroneous article on muLinux:
> BTW the articled which led me there is this one:
> "MicroLinux"

The article on the mentioned web page indicates that the PCQuest
magazine ( - I don't know anything about it - ) has distributed
the mulinux files for (at least) Dostools, Base and X11 on a cdrom
included with a recent issue of the magazine. I think that must be
considered as A Good Thing? The buyers of the magazine installing
mulinux will probably find help files directing them to the
Danish Homepage.

I think the article might be a good start for DOS and Windows users
new to mulinux/linux. It gives thorough and detailed instructions
for an umsdos installation of mulinux.
So in my opinion the author has done a good job testing mulinux.

>So why did Rahul write a complete article on muLinux without
>mentioning the Homepage? Only giving a hint to
>and to the To me this looks strange.

Yes, that part of his job was not good!
Perhaps Michele A. should write a nice email to the editors, thanking
them for their interest in mulinux, and ask them to publish a link
to in their next issue?

My guess is that this Hong Kong web site has nothing to do with the
magazine. Perhaps it's an example of people buying names they think may be
valuable in the future? So when Michele becomes even more famous AND rich
he will want to buy the rights to that registered name :-)


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