[mu COMERCIAL] What is happening in Hong Kong?

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (khz@stardivision.de)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 17:35:36 CEST


this is what I found by chance when reading a somewhat
erroneous article on muLinux:


BTW the articled which led me there is this one:


It also mentions the (non-working?) server
nevelabs.org as muLinux secondary source.

Author of that (half-correct) text is Rahul Joshi,
perhaps he is reading this and would like to give
a short comment on my question what the hell he
thinks muLinux.com should be???

Another thing: using the WHOIS of Network Solutions I got
the following information:

            MA, PHILIP (MULINUX-DOM)
            Block N, 3/F, Kam Kwok Building
            LOK FU, KOWLOON Hong Kong

            Domain Name: MULINUX.COM

   Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
            MA, PHILIP (PMC185) pkma@NETVIGATOR.COM
            MA, PHILIP
            Block N, 3/F, Kam Kwok Building
            LOK FU
            Hong Kong
            852 9042 5573 (FAX) 123 123 1234

   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
            WorldNIC Name Host (HOST-ORG) namehost@WORLDNIC.COM
            Network Solutions, Inc.
            505 Huntmar Park Drive
            Herndon, VA 20170

            Record last updated on 25-Dec-1999.
            Record expires on 25-Dec-2001.
            Record created on 25-Dec-1999.
            Database last updated on 9-Jul-2000 20:34:35 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Perhaps it would be a nice idea to ask both Network Solutions
and Mr. MA, PHILIP in Hong Kong if it might be that they are
trying to get away with this?

I just cannot believe that they are thinking this can come to
a successful end: good layers are not _that_ expensive and
this case seems to be pretty clear for me.


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