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From: Renato (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 18:34:33 CEST

Hi, mek,

I red the translations of chapters -Erstellung der Mulinux-Boot-diskette- and -Erstes Booten und Konfigurieren, and I am not an english speaker but, as a newbie, I have some comments.

In Erstellung der Mulinux-Boot-diskette:

I wonder if DOS install procedure description should be updated. install.bat is not used anymore. Now, there is a makefile.bat that creates an installation disquete.

Bold lines with commands should be revised to eliminate some undesirable spaces, for instance:
mkdir /mulinux
./mu -i

The base mulinux file has a "-" between mulinux and VERSION.tgz ==> mulinux-VERSION.tgz

I suggest to change "tar -zxf mulinux-VERSION.tgz" into a gzip | tar pipe without -z switch, in order to allow the use of mulinux stripped down tar witch does not suport -z.

In Erstes Booten und Konfigurieren:

There is a boot changed into a boat (maybe shock likes sailing as I do =)

"a printing on the z-key" is the same as pressing the z-key?

In TEX configuration, "read in the VNC addon " should be "read in the TEX addon" (this came from the original german text).

There is no mention to PERL addon. I think this addon was created after version 9r1b that was used as reference in the text. I suggest we could add a note that none addon present or future should be installed in this procedure.

There is a freigegenen that freightens me in samba configuration. And there is a telex instead of a fs.

A cdrom drive became a D-CRcOcM-cDrive.

In memory configuration, I think "enter a name of this profile" should be "enter the name of this profile" or "enter a name for this profile". I am not shure about the correct fractured translation.
You should ask Michele.

I suppose there should be no "is" after selection in "The selection is here does not matter, because it is not Windows."


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