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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 21:40:03 CEST

On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 01:34:33PM -0300, Renato nicely wrote:
> There is no mention to PERL addon. I think this addon was created after version 9r1b that was used as reference in the text. I suggest we could add a note that none addon present or future should be installed in this procedure.

Astute Renato! yes, I agree: because documentation become obsolete
very quickly, I suggest to put alway a "..." when a set of features are
listed; and also to not disdain an amount vagueness, as safety measure.
The well-known multi-patched readme.html teach: it is so vague, but
SO VAGUE that its upgrade is never need. Well, it is almost a lyric,
not a faq.

> There is a freigegenen that freightens me in samba configuration. And there is a telex instead of a fs.
> A cdrom drive became a D-CRcOcM-cDrive.
> In memory configuration, I think "enter a name of this profile" should be "enter the name of this profile" or "enter a name for this profile". I am not shure about the correct fractured translation.
> You should ask Michele.

arghhhhh und ROTFL!!

> I suppose there should be no "is" after selection in "The selection is here does not matter, because it is not Windows."

I also tasted some mysterious flavor in this sentence: I think this
sentence strongly tempts the user to really select something!
In next release, I will add a new feature: the script will record the
user selection, so we can try some kind of statistics.


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