Disconnecting from server -message

From: NINAD BAPAT (ninadb@concordemotors.com)
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 13:59:14 CEST

        I have subscribed to your mailing list through my id
kneenad@yahoo.com <mailto:kneenad@yahoo.com> . I have been downloading the
addons from your site. I use Getright4.2 for downloading to avoid loss of
file due to disconnection.
For the past few days while downloading after some time I always get a
message in Getright

"Disconnected from server, server busy waiting to retry"

This happens many times. Thus for a download of 1.7m the program resumes 15
Can u solve the problem or suggest a alternative site

Ninad Bapat
kneenad@yahoo.com <mailto:kneenad@yahoo.com>

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