Re: Lynx

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 16:22:25 CEST

Ondrej Kavka wrote:
> Did anyone succeed with compiling his own version of lynx? Here are
> several edited messages from the trace I'm receiving:
> Looking up localhost first
> LYGetHostByName: parsing `localhost'.
> LYGetHostByName: Can't find internet node name `localhost'.
> Trying: 'localhost'
> HTParse: aName:`localhost'
> relatedName:`'
> HTParse: (REL)
> HTParse: result:localhost
> HTParse: aName:`localhost'
> relatedName:`'
> HTParse: result:
> User message: Badly formed address
> Lynx can't find even localhost, which is included in /etc/hosts.. Also
> several other networking programs don't work, such as ncftp and others. I
> cannot connect to any other computer via its name, ips works usually fine,
> just as the old supplied lynx, ssh, ftp.. so no problem with nameserver.
> What do I need to use during the compilation to ensure that the program
> will be working in muLinux?

Check if loopback networking is up

                # ifconfig lo

Check if Web server is up

                # nc -t 2 -v localhost 80
                  GET /


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