Re: Does this really no one know?

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 12:36:49 CEST

Dear Hans-Juergen, aka Bettina!

> on my main pc i run suse6.2, but i think its not possible to compile the
> packages under my suse and then run them on mulinux or? also when i
> download a binary from the internet it doesnt run on mulinx. why?
> on which linux-version do i have to compile or which packages, libs, do
> i so i can execute the binaries under mulinux?

Same answer as to so many questions: mulinux uses libc5, whereas all big
distros updated to glibc last year. Maybe somebody can tell me why they
did. Anyway, this means you need to compile from a libc5-based system,
e.g. Suse 5.3. Suse was among the first to update, and it took them a
version or two to recover.

> do the newer version of mulinux still work with 4mb ram?

I use mulinux-9r4, and it runs on 4mb, even though my machine appears to
hide some memory from mu. I had difficulty installing it due to short
memory, but once it's installed, no problem.

> how can i update to the latest version?

Do you mean "update" as opposed to "wipe out the old and install the new"?
Good question. I think possibilities are: (1) wait for Michele to return
from his holiday, (2) know what you're doing, make a backup, reinstall,
tidy up. (3) Sorry, no (3).

Have a good time. Remember not to sit with your computer too much. This
holds for everybody on the list, and everybody not on the list. Go visit
your respective boy- and girlfriends for a change!

Happy Tuesday, Mark

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