Re: Does this really no one know?

From: Hans-Juergen Kozik (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 11:02:32 CEST

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Sven Conrad wrote:

> The question(s) is complicated. I have never heared about port
> forwaring and all this stuff.
> The gcc mulinux package is only a poor design base. So mostly it is not
> enought
> to compile open-source packages from Internet. But this depends on the
> requirements of the package itself.
> AFAIK you can not compile the kernel under mulinux!
> Use something else with kernel 2.0.x.x and libc 5 (e.g. I use SuSe 5.3) for
> design work.
> But on the other hand, what is all this good for? Why does a normal
> ipmasquerading
> not satisfy? This is working at least since version mulinux 3.4.

ipmasquerading works good for normal things like internet browser,
ftp, icq ... but unfortunately i dont know why its not enough for games.
and i want to play some games like diabolo2 or ulima online or heroes3
with other guys in the internet. as i found out in the ipmasq faqs
portforwarding and the patches LooseUDP and subs-patch-1.37 could help. so
this question is rather for the mulinux developers as for the list, but
maybe someone has experiences with that and can help me.

as i am not so used to linux i dont know what is really necessary to get
some things to run, so this is maybe a stupid question.

on my main pc i run suse6.2, but i think its not possible to compile the
packages under my suse and then run them on mulinux or? also when i
download a binary from the internet it doesnt run on mulinx. why?

on which linux-version do i have to compile or which packages, libs, do i
so i can execute the binaries under mulinux?

can i patch the kernel with one of the patches i mentioned above or do i
have to recompile him then?

do the newer version of mulinux still work with 4mb ram?

how can i update to the latest version?


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