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From: winsor (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 16:17:17 CEST

For compiling both kernel and other packages, my personal preference is an "off
the cuff" small version of Linux named "Monkey Linux".
 https out to ""
This comes with a complete??? kernel source tree and compiler(kernelsource ver.
2.0.30) that can be patched up to 2.0.36 and does quite well at compiling
source (using the "static" flags) to run under muLinux as well as the actual
 At just a bit under 80 megs complete, this UMSDOS distribution fills some
minor holes that muLinux does not(kernel compilation,
netscape,etc)...........BUT muLinux fills many holes that Monkey does not
also*grin* (nc,sniffit, ppp,diald,irc,and numerous other fun er
uh..........utilities.........*grin* .........yeah utilities).
 As far as the portforwarding stuff goes, you may want to "search" for the
"IP_Masq " site, I don't have the URL handy but this site has a wealth
of information pretaining to getting games going under IP_Masq as well as
links to other sites of interest in this field.

Good Luck

On Tue, 08 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Sven Conrad wrote:
> > The question(s) is complicated. I have never heared about port
> > forwaring and all this stuff.
> > The gcc mulinux package is only a poor design base. So mostly it is not
> > enought
> > to compile open-source packages from Internet. But this depends on the
> > requirements of the package itself.
> > AFAIK you can not compile the kernel under mulinux!
> > Use something else with kernel 2.0.x.x and libc 5 (e.g. I use SuSe 5.3) for
> > design work.
> > But on the other hand, what is all this good for? Why does a normal
> > ipmasquerading
> > not satisfy? This is working at least since version mulinux 3.4.
> ipmasquerading works good for normal things like internet browser,
> ftp, icq ... but unfortunately i dont know why its not enough for games.
> and i want to play some games like diabolo2 or ulima online or heroes3
> with other guys in the internet. as i found out in the ipmasq faqs
> portforwarding and the patches LooseUDP and subs-patch-1.37 could help. so
> this question is rather for the mulinux developers as for the list, but
> maybe someone has experiences with that and can help me.
> as i am not so used to linux i dont know what is really necessary to get
> some things to run, so this is maybe a stupid question.
> on my main pc i run suse6.2, but i think its not possible to compile the
> packages under my suse and then run them on mulinux or? also when i
> download a binary from the internet it doesnt run on mulinx. why?
> on which linux-version do i have to compile or which packages, libs, do i
> so i can execute the binaries under mulinux?
> can i patch the kernel with one of the patches i mentioned above or do i
> have to recompile him then?
> do the newer version of mulinux still work with 4mb ram?
> how can i update to the latest version?
> HJ
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