Re: [mu TECH]: Running 'jove' in mulinux

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 13:38:19 CEST

Dear Alfred,

> > How can I find out how to drive mu-linux's stty?
> In /etc/inittab there are six lines which setup the six default tty consoles;
> for example:
> c1:45:respawn:/bin/agetty 38400 tty1
> If you change the '38400' in this line to '14400' and then reboot muLinux**,
> then the tty1 console will work at 14400bps. It's uncertain if this will fix
> your copy of Jove so it runs in mu. I recall trying Jove on other Linux
> distros at faster tty speeds than 14400bps, and it worked OK -- it would be
> surprising if Jove somehow needed a particular terminal speed to work in mu.

I don't think that will help. jove doesn't complain about a certain speed,
it complains that it cannot resolve the symbol 'ospeed'. That means it
hasn't found out about the speed yet. Maybe what is called 'ospeed' on
other systems is called 'pspeed' or 'baud rate' or something in mu.

As to rebooting: after changing the config line one could try killing the
agetty. When it comes back up, maybe it has read the config-file. Off

Thanx for your concern, though.


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