Re: [ Mu Tech ] CGI forms parsing WITHOUT perl

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 14:20:32 CEST

Dear Bill!

> seeing as mu linux is shell script based, and most of you guys/gals
> would be shell script experts, perhaps you could put together a few lines
> to parse form input web pages in shell script. (I don't want to load the
> Perl module)
> ie:
> web page form normally returns something like:
> name=bill+clinton&eyecolor=blue&hobbies=foreign+travel+politics
> and I'd like the script accept it and to clear it up.
> ie: echo $FIRSTNAME
> Bill
> echo $HOBBY1
> foreign travel
> etc..
> any ideas?

I'd use awk. I haven't experimented with mu-awk, but I suppose it's more
or less compatible to POSIX-awk. Splitting the input records at & and the
fields at = and +, and assuming that's all there is to it (I haven't
bothered to look up the complete syntax), here's a first effort:

If the file muff.cgi contains the one line


then the command line

awk 'BEGIN {
              RS="&"; FS="+|="
              for (i=1; i<NF; i++)
                 print $1 i "=" $(i+1)
           }' muff.cgi



If you pass that to a shell, it will set the values precisely like that.
Is that okay for a start?


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